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Funny Would You Rather Questions

There are countless amusing “Would You Rather” questions and it would be intriguing to read thoughts and find out how people answer when inquired amusing Would You Rather questions. Most of the time individuals reply the way they believe they’re supposed to, not what they truly desire, but that’s no surprise. After reading some of the funny “Would You Rather” questions, you will likely be glad that you’re in a position to keep your thoughts to yourself.

“Would you rather have all you eat tastes like boogers or would you rather have one eye?” Naturally, anything that has to do with boogers, farts or other bodily functions is humorous, which is the reason why it’s not surprising this is only one of the best humorous “Would You Rather” questions. This question may give you quite an insight and teach you if they reply candidly, how vain someone actually is….

“Would you rather drown to death or be strangled to death?” Obviously, this is a morbid question, but let’s be honest: We’ve all thought about how we are going to leave this life, so why not make some comedy out of it and allow it to be an element of humorous “Would You Rather” questions?

“Would you rather be deaf or blind?” Helen Keller would likely the best person to ask this question. Sadly, none of us will ever be playing this game with Helen, so it’s safe to add this to funny “Would You Rather” questions. On second thought, Helen Keller would have difficulty hearing this question.
“Would you rather do your mother or do your dad?” If Freud ever played the “Would You Rather” game, this might have been a wet dream for him and provided him lots of validation and gratification.

“Would you rather fight Mike Tyson or speak like him for the remainder of your own life?” Another great question that just immediately brings images that are hilarious to head, even though no one would ever acknowledge it. Anyone asked question this would gently envision themselves as Mike Tyson, tats, ears and all.
“Would you rather be stuck on a desert island using a Star Trek fan or with a constipated clown?” This certainly qualifies as among the top and humorous “Would You Rather” questions. Last time we checked, airplane pilots aren’t trained in spotting “SOS” signals written in Klingon.

“Would you rather smell as a fart each of the time for the remainder of your daily life or drink a diarrhea milkshake?” Another legitimate response, although a comic question. Needless to say, you’d rather smell like a fart, particularly if the diarrhea milkshake is yours, but odds are, for those who have an infinite fart smell, you are going to get bad diarrhea that is following.

This should be an easy question to answer since in case you are genitals smelled like rotten eggs and appearance, you’d not even have an opportunity to have an orgasm.

This one certainly places in a list of humorous would you preferably questions. Peculiar thing concerning this question is though, in case you’re a man, you most likely have a five inch (or someplace in that closeness) tail that wags every time you get excited.

Although any question about Michael Jackson becomes a frightening question, anytime Michael Jackson is mentioned, there is bound to be a good laugh.
Naturally there are endless “Would You Rather” questions and this is definitely one game that’s likely to keep popular. As interesting as they are, they can in fact show a lot about someone. We wonder if anyone has ever proposed to someone this manner…

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